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June 29, 2010


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Howard Wasserman

In (rare) fairness to Graham, I don't think either one. I think he was just trying to set up the issue in the most dramatic fashion.

Eric Muller

Howard, that's consistent with explanation #1. (So is Graham's follow-up question -- the one partly stepped on by Leahy's mention of Schumer -- "So you were celebrating Chanukah?")

Kristin Flierl

He was definitely trying in a not so subtle way to bring up the non-Christian issue. No other reason to ask the question.

David S. Cohen

I disagree, Howard. I think the answer to the question is "both." The ignorance is twofold: that Jews have any recollection what they're doing on Christmas, which to Jews is just another day on the calendar, as well as the fact that Hannukah has nothing to do with Christmas (and in fact was two weeks earlier than Christmas this past year). As for the latter part of the question, I thought that immediately, especially given Pat Buchanan's concerns about the Court having no Protestants.

Paul Horwitz

Of course we're all welcome to weigh in on this one, but I think the question was innocent.

Eric Muller

I acknowledge it may have been innocent. That's the "ignorant" prong.

Paul Horwitz

Well, but I think it might have been both innocent and not ignorant. He was asking where she was on a particular date, which is also a Christian holiday and a widespread "civic" holiday, even if it is also and especially a religious date. As a Jew I would not take offense at such a remark and, because it's a holiday, I might even remember where I was. Even if I were a Christian, I wouldn't assume that I was somewhere celebrating with my family, and if I were also a high government official that particular date, given the breaking news around that time, might also trigger a recollection as to where I was. I am inclined to think it was innocent and that there is no special reason to think it was ignorant. I don't even think it was inartful, but at the least I would point out that there are other options besides ignorance and calculation.

Lulz Gop

Wasserman, are you saying that Graham is a drama queen?

Howard Wasserman

I agree with Paul--innocence is not ignorance. I probably can remember where I was on Christmas, just because it is such a unique day even if you are not celebrating the holiday--everything is closed (except for the movie theatre and the Chinese restaurant) and "A Christmas Story" is on nonstop.. On the other hand, Graham's follow-up was pretty dumb. When I heard that, my immediate response was "No, Channukah fell earlier last year."

Jeff Lipshaw

We had dinner last Christmas at Peach Farm in Boston's Chinatown. It was jammed to the rafters, and looked like it was split evenly between Chinese people and those of us who had trooped in from Cambridge, Newton, and Wellesley. I think I saw Kagan there eating tref. I know I was.

Jeff Lipshaw

I should add that for all I know EVERYBODY in the restaurant, regardless of ethnicity, trooped in from Cambridge, Newton, and Wellesley.

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