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June 08, 2010


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Your obsession with minutaie is not obsessive enough: Moran will be the dean of UCLA, not Davis. Surely UCLA qualifies as "major"? It's ranked significantly higher than BUY, Cardozo, Villanova etc. that you are mentioning as peers.


Obsessive- I think that maybe you should read the post again, a bit more carefully, and see in what way that Davis is being referred to. (Hint- there's no implication that Moran is going to be the dean there.)


So, four out of five UC law schools now headed up by critical race theorists?


Btraven: I don't see how you got your numbers. I count only 2 UC Deans as being critical race theorists.

UCLA -- Rachel Moran, yes.
Davis -- Kevin Johnson, yes.
Berkeley -- Chris Edley -- no, an administrative law scholar, not a critical race theorist.
Irvine -- Irwin Chemerinsky -- no, a con law scholar, not a critical race theorist
Hastings -- Leo Martinez -- no, a tax and insurance law scholar, not a critical race theorist


Lots of things wrong with btraven's comment. Way lots.

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