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June 05, 2010


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It's the triples--none of those hitters were fast enough. I can think of one offhand--Willie Mays. (I would have thought Rickey Henderson, but I checked and apparently not.)


I like the Willie Mays guess. (Ricky Henderson seems like it would it would have been a good guess too.) I'll add a few additional guesses - here are my six:

1. I know Jimmy Rollins did it during his MVP season.
2. I know Curtis Granderson did it the same year - but he wasn't an MVP.
3. Willie Mays
4. Robin Yount
5. Roberto Clemente (I am a big Pirates fan.)
6. Barry Bonds (back when he was with the Pirates)

Jeff Yates

Hank Aaron?


1. Jimmy Rollins (2007).
2. Curtis Granderson (2007)
3. George Brett (1979).
4. Willie Mays (1957).
5. Jim Heath (1941).
6. Jim Bottomley (1928). Go Cards.
7. Frank Schulte (1911).

Tim Zinnecker

CPW has the correct list (if we change "Jim" to "Jeff" Heath; sorta like the "Moops" v. "Moors" storyline in the Seinfeld episode where George is playing Trivial Pursuit with the Bubble Boy!).

Other guesses?

Henry Aaron: never hit more than 14 triples in a season.

Rickey Henderson: never hit more than seven triples in a season.

Robin Yount: never hit more than a dozen triples in a season.

Roberto Clemente (I, too, am a big fan): never hit more than 14 triples in a season.

Barry Bonds: never hit more than nine triples in a season.

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