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May 11, 2010


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This premium seat business is hard when traveling with one's family. There are rarely three (or even two) seats together. What does one do: buy 3 premium seats, or just show up and assume that they'll find a way to keep the family together? I think in this case a child screaming, because she is forced to sit alone, would be a most excellent thing!


Vladimir - I was thinking the same thing, with the complication of trading seats to keep a family together. This will create the situation where Mr. X paid a premium price for his aisle seat, and will be reluctant to trade it to unite a family group of three when everybody is on the plane. Arranging this pricing scheme is more problem than it is worth. The airline should just let the extra bucks slip through their fingers and try to take advantage of the good will. Besides, they are going to make thier profit on the $10 ham sandwiches anyways ...

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