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May 22, 2010


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(Soon to be ex-Senator) Jim Bunning is one.

Tim Zinnecker

Yes indeed. Three more to go. One is in the Hall. One will be in the Hall (probably within ten years). And one probably won't make the Hall (in my opinion).

Andrew Jurs

Roger Clemens?

Marc Roark

Randy Johnson?

Tim Zinnecker

Clemens -- no. My research reveals that he never threw a no-hitter. Rather surprising, actually.

Johnson -- yes.

The other two? One is a HOF'er who threw his no-hitters during the period of 1895-1905. The other (probably won't be in the HOF, in my opinion) threw his no-no's during the period of 1995-2005.


My son had the answers: Cy Young, Hideo Nomo.

Tim Zinnecker

David, kudos to your son!

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