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May 15, 2010


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Jeff Yates

That pitcher should pass a law against in park home runs ;-)

Tim Zinnecker

This comment has nothing to do with the trivia question, but rather than create a separate post ...

On this date in 1941, Joe DiMaggio began his 56-game hitting streak. This has to be one of baseball's records least likely to be broken, yes?

See additional thoughts from a previous post here:

Richard Gershon

I think it was Jim Bunning of the Phillies. I was 10 years old and the Braves had only been in Atlanta for a year or two.

Tim Zinnecker

Richard is indeed correct (given the answer, perhaps we should say
"politically" correct!).

It happened on May 10, 1967.

Andrew Jurs

Least likely baseball record to be broken:

a) Career losses: 316?

b) 2 no hitters in a row?

c) Season losses by a pitcher: 27 (live ball era)

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