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May 21, 2010


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Brando Simeo Starkey

"A stop, detention or arrest can't be justified by merely suspecting someone's immigration status. It is only after a valid arrest, stop or detention has been established"

Er, this is true. But why not concede that the cops stop plenty of people who aren't doing anything wrong? In New York City, only 6% of stops resulted in an arrest.


If that is the point - that police stop people who aren't doing anything wrong and then do not arrest them - what is the problem?

I don't understand that people are against the police using lawful means (legal stops) to determine if people are breaking the law (illegal immigration).

Art Hinshaw

My only criticism of the op-ed is that he's not aware of what's going on in Arizona.

1. The law is written to target a subset of Latinos. How are the police to determine which Latinos are part of the targeted subgroup and which are not?

2. The authorities in Maricopa County (Phoenix) currently conduct "crime sweeps," but only in Latino neighborhoods.

The author is right that on its face the law doesn't seem to warrant as much criticism as it's received. But what's happening here (crime sweeps, banning ethnic studies, political demogaguery relating to immigation) has created a legitimate fear of abuse.


I'm from Alaska where we don't have many immigration issues, so I can say that I am fairly unfamiliar with the local feeling.

But wouldn't fear cut both ways? I'm sure illegals fear deportation, and legal latinos fear harassment, but what about legal non-latinos who fear losing jobs, paying money for people who are illegally in the country, border violence, etc?

I guess what I'm saying is that if fear of harassment is a legitimate issue - doesn't that make the fear of illegal immigrants a legitimate issue also?

Whose fear matters more? The latinos who may be detained under this law, or other groups who lose something to illegal immigrants?


Probably people with otherwise see it, but in case google brings some people here first, Jack Chin's comment on this op-ed seem to me to be spot-on and absolutely essential reading:

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