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April 12, 2010


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Loyola (Chicago) also has Erika George from Utah visiting for at least the fall.


FSU has the following visitors scheduled: Susan Bandes from DePaul (Fall 2010), Deana Pollard Sacks from Texas Southern (Fall 2010-Spring 2011), Jay Kesan from Illinois (short course, Fall 2010), Jeff Yates from Binghamton University (political science) (Summer 2010), Elizabeth Burleson from South Dakota (Fall 2010), and Neil Cohen from Tennessee (Spring 2011).


Adam Samaha (Chicago) is visiting NYU in the Fall

Rick Garnett

Notre Dame will enjoy visits by Tahireh Lee, Avishalom Tor, Roger Alford, Maggie Chon, Peter Alexander, and Fr. Bill Dailey.

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