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April 19, 2010


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It's perhaps not as impressive as doing it w/ a domesticated bobcat, but our house-cat is also trained to use the toilet rather than a litter box. He doesn't flush, but alerts us to flush for him by scratching the back of the toilet seat.


Brilliant pos, Eric! On the same subject, I was so excited to find my junior high school girlfriend on Facebook recently. (The 8th grade "relationship" lasted about 10 days, I believe, but there was a great game of footsie in English class once.) After two months, I'm thinking that memory and mystery ("Wow, those were the days. I wonder what would have happened if we had stuck it out? I wonder what ever happened to her?") are far superior to actual, quotidian knowledge ("Oh, her cat is potty training and her kids are just as snot-nosed as mine.")

Orin Kerr

Maybe you would have learned it, but the hard way.


Is the cat Ginormous or is the toilet really small?


Chris: it's a bobcat...think Lynx. they are larger than domesticated kitties.


now how many will post this post on their facebook page??


I knew there was a reason I am reluctant to have a Facebook page.


Those folks are lucky that cat has a sense of humor. There is no way I'd trust a bobcat to stay "domesticated" any longer than he just wants to.


How do I train my 4 cats to do that?


Charles Mingus, the jazz bassist, wrote a pamphlet about how to toilet-train your cat.

No, seriously.

Social media can rectify some of the injustices of the past. A college English professor once scrawled a comment in the margin of one of my papers that a certain of my sentences was well written, but wondered if it was my own. It was. According to Facebook, my former professor is still an ABD.

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