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April 17, 2010


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Tung Yin

Hey Miriam,

This season of "Survivor" has been awesome! I love the casting, although I'm not sure I'd agree that the Heroes were necessarily the most likeable and the Villains the least likeable players. Certainly, Heroes like Amanda, Tom, Colby, Stephanie, and Rupert seemed quite popular with fans during their season(s). But Sugar was pretty polarizing, and I don't think Candace was all that popular, yet both were put on the Heroes tribe. Meanwhile, on the Villains side, I guess you could say that Jerri, Coach, Sandra, Randy, and maybe Boston Rob were kind of unlikeable, but most of the were also quite entertaining.

As for Boston Rob's ouster, the editing of the show makes it seem like Russell has some kind of Jedi-mind power over weak-willed players. The week before, Boston Rob's plan to divide his alliance's votes 3-3 for Russell and Parvati should have led to one of those two player's getting booted. But somehow Russell put a seed into Tyson's mind to get Tyson to switch his vote from Russell to Parvati, which meant that Russell got 2 votes, Parvati got 4, and Tyson got 3 (from Russell's alliance). Russell's strategy paid off (i.e., he got lucky that Tyson played so stupidly), because he gave the hidden immunity idol to Parvati, negating all the votes against her. So Tyson had 3 votes and Russell had 2, so Tyson got booted.

The next week (the week that Boston Rob was kicked off), it was a 3-3-2 set up, with Boston Rob in control of 3 votes, Russell in control of 3 votes, and Coach and Jerri in the middle. Russell again used his Jedi-mind power to sway Jerri to vote against Boston Rob, and Coach punted by voting for Courtney.

So the upshot is that Russell's gotten lucky, a bit, but he's also made his own luck. If you didn't see season 19, which Russell was on, it's worth catching up on.

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