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April 05, 2010


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Erik Gerding

Professor Krawiec, may I ask a few questions.

1. Am I correct in my assumption after reading your post that you too were rooting against Duke?

2. Is the vicious rumour circulating in the legal academy that you are a Tarheel fan true?

3. If the Duke law faculty hires a Tarheel fan, would that be a "taboo trade?"

Thanks very much.

Kim Krawiec

Now, I wouldn’t bite the hand that feeds me, would I? Normally, the very mention of “Tar Heel” within the hallowed dark blue halls would probably be taboo, but this year I suspect that employing a Tar Hell is looked upon as some sort of humanitarian aid.

Erik Gerding

Answered like a good lawyer. But I still detect a "rogue" professor.

Kim Krawiec

I just realized that says "Tar Hell," which really is a typo. I started to fix it, then decided it was apropos -- of what, I don't know.

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