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April 08, 2010


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Michael Alexander

Can you give an update wtih links to (a) visiting faculty, (b) lateral hires, and (c) entry level hires? In the past you have provided updated lists, but maybe I am jumping the gun on when an updated list can reasonably be available.

Another note, since I know you like trivia, here is a sports/politics trivia I heard the other day: What four universities have produced both a Super Bowl winning quarterback and a president of the United States? And, who are they?


As an alum, I'll have to make STANFORD the first correct response.

John Elway
Herbert Hoover

black anon

Notre Dame, Navy and U michigan?

black anon

no wait, not notre dame, miami u in ohio!


Since Solum apparently isn't doing the entry level report this year, perhaps the Lounge would undertake that compilation as well?

anon too

Solum appears to be collecting data. He just hasn't put out a report yet.


US Naval Academy: Roger Staubach and Jimmy Carter
Stanford: Elway, Jim Plunkett, and Hoover
Miami (Ohio): Ben Roethlisberger and Benjamin Harrison
Michigan: Tom Brady and Gerald Ford

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