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March 07, 2010


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Kim Krawiec

No guesses from me, but I've enjoyed this series of posts, Tim, and am sorry to see it end. Thanks for doing it.

Tim Zinnecker

Thanks, Kim.

Tomorrow I start "Oscar Countdown: Day 364."

Just kidding!

Michael Higdon

Meryl Streep!

Jacqueline Lipton

Thanks, Tim, for doing the Oscar countdown and for letting me join in. I had a blast!

Steven Lubet

Meryl Streep and I are the same age, and I don't think that law schools requested (or even did) any admissions interviews in those days. According to another source she slept through the LSAT, which seems more likely.

Anyhow, thanks Tim -- I've enjoyed the countdown.

Tim Zinnecker

Meryl Streep is indeed the correct answer!


Believe it or not, I'm working that bit of trivia into an article that I'll be submitting to journals in a day or so.

She's my pick tonight in the Best Actress category. Shocking, isn't it, that she last won an Oscar over 25 years ago!

Tim Zinnecker

Steve, you may indeed be correct. (I posted my comment before reading yours.) I'd love to know your "source" (privately, or in a comment). Oversleeping and missing the LSAT may indeed have been a sign that she might be destined for greatness in another line of work.

Whatever the reason, I'm delighted she became an actress. I'm a big fan. And I have often thought that she should have been nominated for THE RIVER WILD -- a role that was a significant departure from her norm (at least at the time).

Kelly Anders

It would have been nice to see Streep win, but I am happy for Bullock. Her acceptance speech was touching. Thanks so much to Tim for generously including me in the pre-Oscar posts. It was great fun.

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