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March 09, 2010


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Oh, that picture!!! Aren't they just the bees knees! I have such a soft spot for seeing now-older actors in their youthful days. Thanks for this.

As to your actual question, I don't think there are any activities that a faculty should or could legitimately disapprove of. Right? We're academics, so teaching, service, scholarship are all that matter. Am I missing something?

Obviously anon

Conservative politics- deal breaker

Progressive politics- game on

David Yamada

Extracurriculars are very healthy for law profs. Mine include:

1. Taking a weekly singing workshop at a local adult education center for 14+ years. I wrote a guest column about the experience for the Boston Globe a few years ago:

2. I'm learning how to storm chase -- I've been fascinated with tornadoes since I was a kid -- finally went on a storm chase tour in 2008 and 2009 and scheduled to go again this summer. Here's a blog entry I wrote on my first chase tour:

David Yamada

Ediberto Roman

Love this post! Thanks! As for deal breakers, I can think of some activities, that while legal, would likely be offensive to many members of a faulty. While I recognize such an approach is a potentially dangerous path, I do think people act in such a fashion, despite references to teaching, service, and scholarhip.

I, for instance, love training in the martials arts. Knowledge of such activities have helped considerably with student classroom conduct as well as in debates with colleagues(he writes with an evil smile).

Kelly Anders

Very interesting, David! Both of these activities require a lot of bravery. ;-)

An advisory to all: Please also note that the first sentence in my post is missing a "that" -- "Many law professors have activities that they pursue on a part-time basis – things THAT have nothing to do with the law."

Kelly Anders

Thanks, Ediberto. Martial arts would be very...useful. (smiles) How long have you been training? Who do you think would win in a match between Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee?

Eric Muller

Holy crap, David Yamada! I have quietly dreamed of storm-chasing for years now! This might make me get up and do it (if I can persuade my wife that such activity is not grounds for divorce under North Carolina law.)

As for my own extracurriculars, see Coming soon to a bar near you!

I'm also in a barbershop quartet with three other lawprofs (whom I shall not name publicly, in order to protect the reputations of Jim Salzman, Victor Flatt, and Holning Lau).

Kelly asked whether there are moonlighting activities that would be deal breakers in considering entry-level candidates. I hate to admit it, but I do think that Obviously Anon has at least the tangent of a point. It's inaccurate (even unfair) to say, as Obviously Anon does, that any "conservative" political activity is a deal breaker. But if an entry-level candidate came through who, for example, had a leadership position in an organization that pickets sites where abortions are performed, or who spent every weekend as a Confederate Army reenactor playing the role of Jeb Stuart, I do think eyebrows would be raised.

Kelly Anders

"...bringing sexy back to the cul-de-sac." I love it! It's hard to fathom that music from the eighties and nineties has become "retro." (smiles) What sorts of tunes do you cover?

As for the examples of deal-breaking behavior, I wonder if some schools might also look askance at faculty who become "too famous" from their extracurricular activities -- even those of the mild variety.

David Yamada

Eric, storm chasing is relatively safe when done responsibly. I chase with Tempest Tours, which employs knowledgeable, veteran chasers who are not reckless in their pursuit of stormy weather. (Of course, the liability waiver each guest has to sign does go on a bit...)


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