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March 20, 2010


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Patrick S. O'Donnell

Hi Miriam!

These ('disturbing' or 'unsettling') inconsistencies might be pursued in a more systematic philosophical and ethical manner so as to fill out one's inchoate intuitions or explore one's spontaneous reactions. One might start with the Animal Blawg (check out the Blogroll on the left as well):

And then for those sufficiently provoked to engage in deeper pursuits, I have the audacity to recommend a few titles from my bibliography for "animal ethics, rights and law," found here:

Eric Fink

I have to admit that neither the BBQ at the Zoo nor the Fresh Fish Special at the Aquarium bothers me at all. In the former case, I'd presume they weren't serving BBQ Zebra. In the latter case, I might request to choose my own Grouper from the tank.

Miriam Cherry

Patrick - Glad to see you here! :) I didn't know if you read this blog, glad that you do.
Eric - I don't think it was BBQ zebra, but I also don't think it was some nice BBQ corn or roasted squash either. Did you check out the blog link I posted to "suicide foods"?

Patrick S. O'Donnell


I suspect not a few readers (and perhaps bloggers) wish I did NOT read this blog!

Miriam Cherry

Patrick, I don't think that's case at all. And you're always welcome on any blog where I'm blogging. Cheers, Miriam

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