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February 10, 2010


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That was such a crazy period in history, and this particular topic really doesn't get enough attention. Sounds like a great read.


hi Eric! you may remember me, I'm a documentary filmmaker who participated in the internment revisionist blogwars (or Bob-wars) a few years ago. I've been revisiting some of the as I complete my documentary Enemy Alien.

One of the aggravations of discussing the internment in the context of revisionism was how it made it impossible to examine the more complicated variations of "loyalty" themes among ethnic Japanese populations without some crank screaming that it justified the internment.

I've been interested in those questions as I've looked at the history of Tule Lake as well as some of what my grandfather (who was a Kibei who served in the U.S. army before Pearl Harbor) went through.

So I'm looking forward to reading Greg's book and yours.

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