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February 19, 2010


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John Cazale? He was in Dog Day Afternoon, Godfather, the Conversation and Godfather II.

Lance McMillian

And Deer Hunter.

Colin Miller

Wex, you got it right. He was also in The Deer Hunter, which was nominated as well (and he was in archive footage in The Godfather, Part III, which was also nominated). Sadly, he died of bone cancer soon after the filming of The Deer Hunter while engaged to Meryl Streep.

Lance McMillian

Safe to say that this is probably a record that will never be broken.


So, I don't know much about this topic, but IMDB says John Cazale was in a film called "The American Way," which doesn't appear to have been nominated for best picture.


Sure, it's only a 10 minute long short, but ...

Colin Miller

anon, that's interesting. I guess, then, that the question should be phrased, "Name the actor who appeared in multiple feature length films, every one of which was nominated for Best Picture."

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