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February 21, 2010


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Lance McMillian

Return of the King -- the last Lord of the Rings was one. I think The Last Emperor, too. Unsure about the last one.

Matthew Reid Krell

I don't know much about movies, but I remember that the only Tony that The Producers lost was the Best Actor nomination for Matthew Broderick, which Nathan Lane won for...The Producers.

Tim Zinnecker

Lance is correct on his two answers. THE LORD OF THE RINGS (the Return of the King) ran the table, winning all eleven of the prizes for which it was nominated. THE LAST EMPEROR achieved the same feat, going nine for nine.

And the third correct answer is ... ? (Here's a hint: I believe that it holds the record for having the shortest title for a Best Picture winner.)

Jacqueline Lipton

I think it's Gigi.

Tim Zinnecker

Indeed. Like THE LAST EMPEROR, GIGI also went nine-for-nine at the Oscar party. One of the awards went to director Vincente Minelli. His daughter Liza, would later win a Best Actress award in CABARET. Liza's mother was Judy Garland. She received two Oscar nominations but did not win. If she had, then she and Vincente and Liza would be the answer to this question: Name a husband and wife, and their child, each of whom won an Oscar.

Source for today's and yesterday's questions:

John Bauman

Judy Garland did win a special juvenile Oscar for The Wizard of Oz

Tim Zinnecker

John, thanks for the comment. I guess you'd need to include a "competitive category" qualifier in the question. I was surprised to learn that Judy Garland never won a competitive Oscar. I might have thought otherwise and would have picked A STAR IS BORN.

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