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February 22, 2010


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John Ford and John Wayne

Tim Zinnecker

Wow! The ink isn't even dry, and we have a winner!

Somewhat surprising (to me, anyway), is that while John Wayne received three Best Actor nominations (winning for TRUE GRIT), none of those three films was directed by John Ford (who holds the record for winning the Best Director award four times). When one thinks of the films on which these two film giants collaborated (e.g., STAGECOACH, THE SEARCHERS, THE QUIET MAN, etc.), that tidbit of information becomes all the more surprising.

Source material:
Entertainment Weekly magazine (discussing "director & star duos" on page 53 of the 2.26.10 issue)


I'm pretty sure John Wayne and True Grit also provides the answer to the following Oscar trivia question -- Name the actor who appeared in the most films prior to winning an Oscar.

I do believe the fact that John Wayne didn't win until True Grit is one of the great injustices in Oscar history, right up there with Peter O'Toole's 8 nominations and zero wins for Best Actor.

Tim Zinnecker

Garrett, if you let Peter O'Toole have a "win," do you pick LAWRENCE OF ARABIA? If so, Gregory Peck fans will be most disappointed.


I think I'd probably give him the win for THE LION IN WINTER. Or we could get really creative and give O'Toole the 1969 Oscar for GOODBYE MR. CHIPS and give John Wayne the Oscar in 1956 for THE SEARCHERS (Wayne wasn't nominated in 1956, but I propose giving him Yul Brynner's nomination and win).

Kelly Anders

Speaking of works by David Lean, TCM aired "Dr. Zhivago" yesterday. According to, Peter O'Toole was Lean's first choice for the title role.


Maybe DeNiro and Scorsese would be in second place? (Eight films, by my count.)

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