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February 05, 2010


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Tim Zinnecker

I look forward to your posts (as one who favors the exception).

Paul McGreal

Tim -- Glad that you will be following the thread. I will look forward to your feedback on my still-forming arguments! And of course, the same goes for Miriam, whose post on BFOQs and gyms has me thinking about a post on a related point.

Todd D. Barton, Pro-se

Mr. McGreal,
I am pleased to see someone addressing this issue. I was a UMC minister and was fired in front of three witnesses for reporting my new female lead pastor for calling me a "F****** Retard", because I have ADHD, also at staff meetings she would tell me to pay attention or ask me if I needed her to slow down so I could understand what was going on. A retired pastor was at my firing when I was told by the D. S. if I intended to file a complaint with the EEOC and I said yes, he responded, "You're fired then". There were many other forms of harassment by her and when I reported it to my D.S. he told that I would be fired if I said one more thing. The UMC Conference put me on a paid medical leave and fired me during it.The case # is 1:09-cv-63 TJM/DRH if you like more details. The conference leadership did not follow their own procedures (Book of Discipline) that allowed for due process. The conference hired a lawyer and he claimed in the NDNY that I can't prove if the church or conference ever employed me. Yet, their lawyer told the EEOC that I was employed by the church. Thier other lawyer who evicted my family told the city court that I was employed by the conference. I have emails that prove this was done to confuse the issue. The Judge ordered motion on submit. They filed a motion to dismiss and I countered with a S.J., that was about four months ago. No answer as of yet.
Sorry for the long post it will be the last one, I just wanted you to know the reason for my interest. Todd

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