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February 15, 2010


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We're all eagerly awaiting the 2010 installment of Dan Filler's lateral moves list, which will help confirm, I imagine, my sense that lateral hiring has declined dramatically this year. I suspect that the slow down is due more to schools not having money than to faculty not wanting to move in tough economic times. But both contribute to the slow-down, I'd imagine.

Two years ago I predicted that lateral hiring would slow down--and that was before the crash:


What's the latest news on the entry-level market?

Jay Wexler

I've sensed the same thing. In particular, I've noticed a real lack of lateral recruitment and/or hiring of me. On the other hand, this does not distinguish this year from any other year, so perhaps the phenomenon I'm noticing this year isn't all that probative of general conditions.

Eric Muller

What Jay Wexler said.

Although I have this recurring dream in which I am walking out of my office for my retirement dinner and realize, with horror, that my phone has been disconnected from the wall for my whole career.

no name, thanks

Agreed. I did recently accept a lateral offer, but a number of other places (including several that had expressed earlier interest) told me they just didn't have the money to do much. In several cases, I heard that the lack of flexibility meant that one open offer -- or even, at one institution, the promise to consider making an offer -- stopped all other lateral hiring.

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Senior faculty members deferring retirement. The economy, specifically its impact on school budgets. The real estate market in various locations discouraging laterals moving. All critical factors adversely affecting lateral hiring. A lot of things are changing, and terms impacting employment for academics, like "tenure" mean something a little different that they did ten years ago.

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