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February 12, 2010


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Patrick S. O'Donnell

Frisbees, as in the game of Ultimate in particular, have actually been a big part of the lives on my side of the family: two of my brothers, Brian and Timothy, both played on Ultimate Frisbee teams for the Santa Barbara Condors (and won national championships), and their (future) wives both played on the women's team, also called the ('lady') Condors (and they too have won national championships). My wife and I, along with our firstborn, fondly recall many a Saturday watching Ultimate games at out at UC Santa Barbara in a large grass field next to Harder Stadium (now the site of campus housing). And all of the O'Donnells here in Santa Barbara have numerous friends near and far that we cherish from those days. In our family, and in this town at least, frisbee connections ramify in many intriguing and long-running directions!

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