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February 09, 2010


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Jeff Yates

I do not take pride in saying this, but I occasionally do watch the show (or shows, dont forget the Bachelorette). I blame this on the fact that I do not control the TV remote in my house, which brings up another whole set of issues; however, truth be told, I'd probably watch it while on treadmill or bike anyway - due to the paucity of Hulu offerings.

What my significant other and I found lame about Ali's alleged "situation" is that it is almost *exactly* the same as "the situation" faced by last year's contestant, Ed, on the Bachelorette - they get a call and are forced to choose between job and love and then they leave - they then come back (as the next week's clips indicate Ali will) and, at least in Ed's case - win. It may not be scripted, but that's quite a coincidence. By the way, I apologize for using the term "the situation" too much - my understanding that "Jersey Shore" may be trying to get the rights to that. :-)

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