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January 29, 2010


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Scott Boone

Additionally, Franklin Pierce Law Center was in talks with the University of New Hampshire last year. I don't know where it stands now.

Joan Howarth

Michigan State College of Law's affiliation with Michigan State University is legally complex, probably unique, and very successful. Of course, if there were a hope of gaining a tuition break for our students by a simple merger, we could be proceeding in that direction. But this is not the era for increased taxpayer spending for professional education. In light of that reality, our affiliation -- a private college academically integrated with a strong public research university, but separate as to finances and governance -- makes a great deal of sense. That's why other deans are envious of what we've created. A lot of people talk about public-private partnerships, but we've created a successful one. The closest analogy I know of is Cornell, which is a reverse model, with public colleges (not law) a part of a private university. My guess is that the benefits of our Michigan State model will be widely appreciated five, ten and twenty years down the road....

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