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January 08, 2010


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Ellen Aprill

I do hope that someone has made the family aware of the tax consequences of this makeover. Many question the basis on which the producers of the show assert that the enormous value of the improvements can be excluded from income. The IRS has even issued an information letter on the question:
Everyone, however, agrees that the improvements will increase property tax, and this increased property tax has been an enormous burden to some of those chosen to by the show. See the thread on TaxProf Blog:

Moving Houston

Oh,the family is overly burden already, so I hope that they should be tax exempt as a reward for their charity of being a foster parents to lots of children.

milwaukee movers

You know adopting to lots of children is no joke so far, so why not give the couple a tax exempt for this charity works they had done.

Coupons Free

This couple has special talent to themselves. Taking care of their adopted children on this condition? it's a true charity their giving. I salute them.

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