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January 27, 2010


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The way of calculating the adjustments is a bit loose, so I'd not take any of this very seriously, but more importantly I'm very surprised to see the "estimated 2010 average ticket price of $7.35" bit. Are there really places where you can get a movie ticket for less than that now? Wouldn't there have to be, if that's the average? (It's close to $12 at most of the movies I've been to recently.) Maybe they are including old-folks discounts and late-run "dollar" movies or something.

Kelly Anders

This is a fascinating post, Tim. It also makes me wonder how production costs would compare. It's impressive that Spielberg made the top-10 twice. I still think his first film, "Duel," is one of his best. I question whether Cameron could keep viewers on the edge of their seats with Dennis Weaver, minimal dialogue, and a wayward semi.

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