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December 09, 2009


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Michael Risch

FYI, XM has a Chanukah station (you can get it if you have DirecTV as well). Last night we heard a version of Chanukah Chag Yafe that featured an electric guitar solo - it was great.

Abby Finkelman

I just have to make sure your daughters have read (or will read, depending on how old they are):
*Hanukkah Cat, by Chaya Burstein (
*Hershel and the Hanukkah Goblins, by Eric Kimmel (
*There's No Such Thing As a Chanukah Bush, Sandy Goldstein, by Susan Sussman (
*Arielle and the Hanukkah Surprise, by Devra Newberger Speregen and Shirley Newberger (
*One that I cannot for the life of me remember the name of, but the cover is a kid and a potato menorah.

-Hanukkah Cat is my mother's favorite book; she used to do little presentations to kindergarten classes in Tulsa, OK about Hanuakkah (which they needed), and give them Hanukkah Cat. She still has copies on hand to give to any Jewish kid she might meet who lacks it. It's appropriate for all ages.
-Hershel could be scary, but I know I read it at 4 or 5; it's mostly funny. One of my favorite books of all time, period.
-Sandy Goldstein is good for maybe 5 and up. Good for dealing with not celebrating the ever-present Christmas.
-Arielle I think is fine any age.

This CD, by Debbie Friedman, has very cute and catchy stuff, ditties about how Judah Maccabee's wife made the latkes that fueled them, etc.

I miss having little kid Chanukah, can you tell? College is no fun!

D. Daniel Sokol

A great web video for Chanukah that I should have included in the original post is Hey Ya Chanukah (sung to the tune of Hey Ya by Outkast)


The Barenaked Ladies have a great Hanukkah CD--can't recommend it highly enough.

Howard Wasserman

"The Latke Who Couldn't Stop Screaming" by Lemony Snicket

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