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December 08, 2009


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This year I fell into the category of "Most Recently Tenured" faculty member. With the amount of marketing mail that title generated, you'd think I just received a vote in Heisman race.

Out of curiosity, I shared most of the pop pieces that I received with a graphic designer friend to gauge their value. He estimated the tally at over $2,500 for the production and mailing of those pieces.

The interesting thing is that some are addressed to my actual name while others were simply addressed to "Most Recently Tenured" faculty member. Kudos to those schools that made the effort to take the extra step of adding the name.

Getting "Most Recently Tenured" labeled-mail is about as personal and impressive as the ole' "Or Current Resident" credit card offers.


I know this is a perennial question, but my school is discussing it now (we don't currently send out much stuff). Does anyone read these things? What are you more likely to read? As appointments chair this year, I was diligent about quickly throwing away everything that I received (there is a convenient glossy paper recycling bin right by our mailboxes) so that I wouldn't be influenced by marketing fluff, but it would be great to get people's opinions on what is more likely to be read/remembered. By the way, I agree with Chad about the impersonal heading--while I tried to have no reaction to anything I received, my reaction to anything marked "Faculty Appointments Chair" was irrationally negative.


I read things that were specifically tailored to my research area (tax law). Thus, I at least flipped through any tax LLM brochures and whatnot. Didn't have time for other things.

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