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November 20, 2009


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Randy Picker

Where is your page? I have been using Twitter in my antitrust class with mixed success. I tweet using a hashtag (#rpatf09). The hope was that students might do the same though I don't think that anyone has done so. So it works for me to push links to the students, not so far as a genuine shared means of communication.

Eric Fink

I use Diigo (which I generally love as a robust web bookmarking and annotation site) to save and tag items I want to share, and then post the RSS feed on my course website (and also to Twitter using Twitterfeed). Using the Diigo toolbar in Firefox makes the process very simple. And the annotation and commenting features in Diigo make it possible for others to add their own feedback on shared items (though, sadly, my students have not done this so far -- I suppose they have more important or interesting things to do with their time, like taking personality quizzes and posing drunken photos of themselves on Facebook).

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