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November 21, 2009


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Tim Zinnecker

Dan, the complete list has been announced. Details here:

When I was in high school and participating in a "scholar bowl" contest, I remember a moderator asking the question -- "Where do Rhodes Scholars study?" -- and receiving the reply, "The University of Rhodes." (Not me, I swear!)

Tim Zinnecker

As a follow-up, Dan, I'm curious to know how many Rhodes Scholars are currently law professors. I know of one: my friend, Tom Berg, at St. Thomas (Minnesota). But I'm guessing there are others.


I know of at least three NYU law professors, Catherine Sharkey, Kenji Yoshino, and Ronald Dworkin, and one former NYU law professor, Noah Feldman, who were Rhodes Scholars. Thomas Merrill and Guido Calabresi were as well.


Oh! And Cristina Rodríguez from NYU Law is as well.


Cristina Rodríguez from NYU Law was as well.


Tim Sellers at the University of Baltimore.


Sarah Cleveland at Columbia.


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