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November 25, 2009


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Reilly is a great academic, and very focused on teaching. Her presentation at SEALS this year was very helpful.


***Newsflash (Reuters)*** Graduates of Southern Illonois, and other 3rd/4th tier law schools remain (as always) unable to find employment in the law, but their prospects have been excacerbated by the current economic situation! Whereas before, they may have hoped to become sole practitioners pulling in 32K a year or maybe 50K at a 12 attorney firm..

Us practicing attorneys read this crap and are so very entertained...please do continue in your makes us laugh...You people are amusing as hell.

And what might this new dean expect to earn off the backs of his/her/its/person's/human's/being's/entity's students, I wonder??? If it is compensation, of any amount, in U.S. dollars, it is too much...

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