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October 24, 2009


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Steve Diamond

I know of no university that does not reserve the right to terminate tenured faculty in case of severe economic hardship. Would that it were so.

Kim Krawiec

The tenured faculty have to be cut across the board, right? (i.e. closing the department) Or is that an urban legend?

Steve Diamond

Good question - I think that is a higher bar than most universities set. Today's FT had a letter that made the same point I did so this is actually an international issue.


Quirk's article (American Scholar) is absolutely fantastic. Really exciting how tax records shape how we think a literary figure's life--and alter what everyone "knows" about Fitzgerald.

Kim Krawiec

You're right Al -- I was surprised at how drawn in I was to the story. Also the discussion of the move from pure "self assessment" was interesting (not surprising to our Tax friends, I'm sure, but was new info to me).

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