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October 29, 2009


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That's laugh out loud funny. If only....


What about the questions faculty would like to ask.

1. You say we're your top choice. Will you really move from New York City?

2. Will your family leave New York City? Or will you be commuting from New York to Houston each week?

3. You say you're willing to teach the UCC AND tax. Are you?

4. Will you spend time with students?

5. Will you make an effort to be a part of our community?

6. You haven't written anything that looks like scholarship yet. Are you capable of doing so?

7. You listed Judge Posner as a reference. Why can't he remember you?

8. You're asking a lot of questions about lifestyle and compensation. Should we be worried that you want an easy job?


Umm, yeah. Pastries are the MAIN part of a new job for me.


"You seem to be a really impressive scholar. What are you doing at school X?"

This question was actually asked to the chair of FAC.

Jacqueline Lipton

I think the "failed dean search" comment was a bit below the belt! Maybe it's just a sore spot for me having been on the dean search committee...
(And of course I'm thrilled with how things ultimately turned out at Case anyways.)

John Nelson

Question I'd like to ask as a future potential candidate:
"Are you really going to consider me, even though I didn't go to Harvard/Yale/Top100?"

Of course, I'd probably not get to the interview stage.

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