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October 21, 2009


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The amazing thing about the $30 Million mansion on riverside drive (in addition to its inherent amazingness- it's lovely on the outside and in a great area. I used to walk by it all the time) is that it was, according to the NY Times, bought by the professor from Columbia for $750,000. That was quite a while ago (in the late 70's, if I recall correctly) but still, not too bad of a return on one's investment.

The apartments on Central Park West are not too shabby, either, as far as the building and location go.

Kim Krawiec

Wow, you've actually seen it. It looks amazing from the photos.


I should say that I've only seen it from outside. (It's right on riverside drive, with a great view, too, towards the park and over the Hudson.) I thought about knocking on the door and pretending to be an interested buyer but somehow I thought that's probably not how such places sell and they likely wouldn't suspect me of having an extra 30 million dollars laying around.

Kim Krawiec

lol. This old ATL post has some photos of the inside, and it looks just as beautiful as the outside. I can't believe it also has views.

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