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October 22, 2009


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Eric Fink

I just hope they're making the barbecue chicken with saintly Western NC sauce, and not the Satanic Eastern NC stuff.

Kim Krawiec

I'm with you Eric.


Well, if they are willing to accept the King James version of the bible as okay then they are clearly not serious enough. Some people know that to be completely safe you need to go beyond that:

Scott Boone

Bah! They're all heretics! BBQ Chicken??? Everyone knows that pulled pork and baby back ribs are The True Duality, the only true BBQ.

Kim Krawiec

Ah, I see Matt -- they're progressives!
Scott, I had the same thought on the chicken, but we may have to part ways on the ribs issue. Although I like ribs, you should see my father's reaction when someone labels anything other than pulled pork "barbecue."

Eric Fink

I confess to the heresy of enjoying Texas-style barbecued brisket. Surely I am destined for Hell.

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