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October 01, 2009


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He should be in. I'm not a Cardinal fan but I am from Fargo, so I too am likely biased.


I thought he was already in. It's shocking that he is not. The North Dakota legislature has asked that his record be reinstated due to the steroid scandals.


I'm not convinced he deserves to be there. He had a few (two?) outstanding seasons, but the overall career stats are not really that impressive. The article comparing him to Rizzuto, Maz, et al. seems reallly unconvincing, too. Those guys got into the Hall mostly for their defensive prowess, so to show that Maris' career _offensive_ stats are equivalent to theirs does more to hurt than help his case, IMO.


I'd say no. He never hit higher than .283 and only three times hit as many as 30 home runs (39, 61, and 33 in 1960, 61, and 62). Yes, he had very good years in 1960-61, and a decent year in 1962 (though a big dropoff from 1961). And he was a very solid defensive player. But overall, I would say that for most of his career he was not a truly feared hitter who would have been considered one of the very top of his profession.

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