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September 23, 2009


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Tung Yin

Nice post, Kim! I have to say, reading this and seeing the picture reminded me of my days at Berkeley, when "the naked guy" was getting a lot of attention for his public nakedness. I couldn't help but think at the time that it's one thing to walk around naked in Berkeley, with its temperate weather; it's altogether different, and more impressive, to do that in the Midwest, in late fall or winter! But I suppose all of the UC campuses are in pretty temperate locations. . . .

Kim Krawiec

You know, someone else mentioned the naked Berkeley guy at work today! For those who don't remember, see this Wikipedia entry:
(I assume that's the same "naked guy" to whom you refer Tung -- although, I suppose there could be more).
Best, Kim

Eric Fink

Gratuitous public nudity is something of a tradition in Berkeley, often on display during the annual "How Berkeley Can You Be" festival (which should have been this weekend, but was sadly cancelled this year -- In addition to the "naked guy" Kim links to, there was also my personal favorite, the naked carpenter, the euphoniously named Percy Honniball.

Kim Krawiec

That's great Eric. Love this statement in the article about the naked carpenter: "His preference for working in the nude got him nailed by Oakland police earlier this month."
Read more:

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