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September 28, 2009


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Calvin Massey

I think I want to throw up.

Michael Alexander

I think I want to mcthrow up. I wonder what the whole world would look like.

Kim Krawiec

Agreed. I noted the following from their August sales figures: "Total sales rose 1.1 percent, including a 2.6 percent gain in the U.S., a 3 percent drop in Europe and a 6.1 percent rise in Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa." It was the company's smallest monthly gain since February.

Jeff Lipshaw

Why just pick on McDonald's? Do the same thing with Dunkin' Donuts in about a 50 mile radius from Boston. We drove up to Portsmouth yesterday. On Route 1, they are spaced about every quarter mile.


Don't understand the surprise, that is just a graphic representation of the population groupings as seen in this satellite photo

The McD's one above just looks like someone laid an orange filter over it

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