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September 05, 2009


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The Big Train I believe was Walter Johnson. Big Poison was the older of the Waner brothers (Paul?)--his brother was Little Poison. Flying Dutchman--Honus Wagner? The Big Cat--Mize?

Tim Zinnecker

David, correct on all four counts!

Calvin Massey

Andres Galaragga -- the Big Cat
Orlando Cepeda -- Baby Bull
Frankie Frisch -- Fordham Flash

Tim Zinnecker

Calvin, both Johnny Mize and Andres Galaragga had the "Big Cat" moniker, but only the former is in the HOF. Correct on Cepeda and Frisch! I thought you might know #3. (Hint: the nickname and the actual first name sound very (VERY) similar!)

Marc Blitz

Rajah = Rogers Hornsby, the St. L. Cardinals Second baseman who has the second highest lifetime batting average in major league history after Ty Cobb and is the only player to hit over .400 and over 40 homeruns in the same season.

I've add more details about him to make up for the fact that I know nothing about your other still unidentified nicknames (and others have already gotten Big Poison and The Flying Dutchman).

Tim Zinnecker

Marc, perhaps one of the most impressive accomplishments of Hornsby is that he is one of only two players to achieve the hitter's "triple crown" not once, but twice (the "Splendid Splinter" being the other).

Marc Blitz

Thanks Tim. And am I right in the vague and distant memory -- from my days playing the board game Superstar! Baseball in the 1970s -- that "The Gray Eagle" was Red Sox-Indians CF Tris Speaker? Or did the nickname belong to Browns' 1B George Sisler (another highly coveted 1910s-20s era player available to Superstar! Baseball enthusiasts)?

Howard Wasserman

The Meal Ticket: Carl Hubbell
Hoosier Hammer: Chuck Klein
Vacuum Cleaner: Brooks Robinson

Tim Zinnecker

Marc -- yes, Tris Speaker was known as The Grey Eagle.

Howard -- yes, yes, and ... yes! Bravo!

Only four to go: #1, #4, #10, and #11.

You'll find all the answers, and nicknames of several other HOF'ers, at this link:

See you next week!

P.S. Go Cardinals!

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