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September 28, 2009


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John Nelson

Don't believe those who claim Phi Kappa's front has no windows because the Other Society would shoot them out. It never had front windows, and it was never intended to have them. And yes, it is a secret society.

Both Societies still meet every Thursday during fall and spring semesters. I was just at Phi Kappa three Thursdays ago for a debate on "Print Media is obsolete." The negatives prevailed.

The list of Georgia statesmen coming from both Societies is long and illustrious. (Although some might be called infamous.)

Georgia's law school was founded by Joseph Henry Lumpkin, who was also a founder of Phi Kappa and a former, albeit disavowed, member of the Society Across The Way.

Both Societies are interesting throwbacks to older times when debate and oratory prevailed over 'social fraternity' on southern campuses. As the University of Georgia is the oldest state-chartered University in the United States, its two societies have a long and interesting history.

Good photos. Demosthenia delinda est.

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