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September 26, 2009


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I seem to recall having tried out for the role of professor in the Real Gilligan's Island some years back. Not sure I'd be the best partner for the amazing race.

Kim Krawiec

Well, I'm directionally challenged and afraid of bugs and rodents (and snakes). I guess maybe I'm not as adventurous as I thought I was . . .

Jacqueline Lipton

Hey - I'll do it! But I need help answering some of the questions on the application form. For example:

1/ Can a university professor really manage to describe what they do in two sentences?
2/ Is there ANY way any description of what we do has ANY relevance to winning the Amazing Race?
3/ What famous person reminds me of myself?
4/ And most importantly, what famous person reminds me of Tim???


One more thing, Tim. When it comes times for a post on entertainment law (or the law of reality tv shows), you should talk about the application's arbitration provision.

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