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August 19, 2009


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It's not a bad idea in this economy. And it seems that Harvard stole the idea from Berkeley, which came out with its own line of clothing last year:


Dan, you just brought back my first memory of Harvard -- the overwhelming number of stretch waist wearers when I first walked into Widener during Freshman week. Thank you!


Who's actually going to buy this besides Harvard alumni?


As a double Harvard Alum, I can tell you that Harvard alumni will NOT be wearing this stuff! People on campus don't look or dress like that and it just seems contrived. I've received numerous emails from friendds who are alumni, and people are either laughing at the absurdity, or are angry because their donations were so poorly mismanaged.


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The clothes will not bear a Harvard logo or shield, but will include crimson trim around button holes and zippers as well as the "Harvard Yard" brand on the neck label and the hangtag, according to Wearwolf Executive Vice President Jeffrey D. Wolf. Many of the line's clothes are named after buildings around the Harvard campus, he said.

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