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August 06, 2009


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Kathy Stanchi

384 pages? That's like a short story for Pynchon. Are any of Pynchon's books on tape -- and if so, has anyone listened? I found Doc Sportello in the trailer pretty soothing actually (he kind of sounds like some of my family members), even if I couldn't figure out if he was reading from the book or what. Maybe I'll give Pynchon another try (my husband is currently slugging through Mason & Dixon). I gave up after 50 pages of V.

One final note: Anyone else notice that it's getting a little smoky in the Lounge today ... (this post is the second marijuana reference today)

Mark Weidemaier

Hi, Kathy - Apparently Mason & Dixon, which I actually enjoyed, is the only one available on tape. One review puts it at 20, 90-minute cassettes. (Cassettes? Who knew?) If that's accurate, I guess it's something to consider if you ever find yourself on a road trip from Philadelphia to, say, Nome. In a past life, I trudged my way through Gravity's Rainbow in 15-minute increments, which was about all I could stand. It took about 18 months. But hey, now I can say that I've read it.

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