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August 24, 2009


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Serious questions: who submits for the second distribution? Just people who missed the first? Do these people receive serious attention? Just curious.


People in the second distribution certainly receive serious attention. At a lot of schools, the hiring committee has not started reading the FAR books, I'd venture to guess.

Jacqueline Lipton

Speaking for my own school, we typically reserve some slots in DC for stellar candidates from the second round FAR CVs. Even though we generally do read the first round and make offers to interview in DC before we get to the second round, we always make sure we have room for good candidates from the second round - and the third as well.


So, if one was in the first distribution, and the phone is still silent, all hope is not lost?

Jacqui Lipton

I wouldn't panic at this point. Lots of committees haven't even met yet.


I'd guess that the majority of hiring committees have not yet begun inviting people to interview at AALS.

Robert Heverly

This goes out to hiring committees Sept. 3 (week from tomorrow). The deadline for submission for the second book was yesterday, and the Placement Bulletin (listing potential positions) also came out yesterday. Not that I'm paying attention to these deadlines or anything . . .

Jacqueline Lipton

My bad, Rob. We had a typo on our internal calendar. Maybe I'll take the time to revise my guess from 87 to 145 - no apparent reason, just seems like a good number.

Anon Dude

Anxious, not time to panic yet. was in your same boat and got a call today.

Jesus Posts Here

So how many people were in the 2nd distribution?

Jacqui L.

OK - I looked at the pile of CVs today and immediately forgot how many were in it. I think there were about a hundred so if you average my two earlier guesses I was somewhere close.

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