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August 11, 2009


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We're spoken about the Forbes College rankings before here at the faculty lounge. Without intending any disrespect to the schools ranked well by Forbes, the list strikes me as, at least idiosyncratic.

Tung Yin

Yea for Portland and courteous drivers. Of course, I also went ahead and changed my Iowa license plates to Oregon ones reasonably quickly -- though nowhere near so fast as I would have done had I been coming from California!


I didn't drive that often in New York City- I didn't have a car so drove only when I rented on or borrowed one, but that wasn't terribly irregularly. I must say that I didn't find the drivers to be especially rude or aggressive. There are lots of cars and not much space, and those not used to such conditions might mistake this for aggression, but I think that's wrong. I certainly found New York drivers to be no worse, and almost certainly better, than Philadelphia drivers in terms of reasonableness and courtesy.

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