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August 06, 2009


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Tim Zinnecker

Just got an email from Wash/Lee prof John Doyle, promoting this service. I'm guessing most readers received the same. If not, and you're interested, contact me via email and I'll be happy to forward his message.

Jacqueline Lipton

Thanks- I got the email too. I'm just interested to see how it all plays out in the coming season. I'd be interested in posts from law review editors as well re their experiences of the service.

Jessie Hill

Hi Jacqui! The thing that makes me wary about LexOpus's exclusive submission system is the idea of giving each journal one week to consider the article exclusively. Since the submission season itself is only a few weeks long, and journals aim to fill up as quickly as possible, how can it possibly make sense to do rolling exclusive submissions for one-week periods? Presumably, one couldn't get an article looked at by more than 3-4 journals before all of the other journals stop accepting articles for the season. And without the exclusive submission system, it sounds a lot like ExpressO, but free (which of course may be worthwhile in and of itself).

Jacqueline Lipton

Thanks, Jessie. I don't know that the exclusive submission thing precludes you also doing a general submission via Expresso and/or LexOpus at the same time. If I'm right about that, you could potentially target 4-5 journals from whom you would happily accept an offer if they made one during the exclusive submission phase, but in the meantime if you got an offer from someone else via, say, Expresso, you could trade up the offer in the usual way. Of course, if that IS correct, then presumably you would have a problem if the "exclusive offer" journal accepted your offer at the same time a random journal picked up the piece. In that case, I assume you would be honor-bound to accept the offer from the "exclusive offer" journal. So, for example, if you had made an exclusive offer to Minnesota via LexOpus and then Texas made you an offer, presumably you would be honor bound to take Minnesota over Texas (I should be so lucky!)

Jessie Hill

Hmmm.... I see what you mean about the submission process becoming too complicated....

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