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August 24, 2009


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How is this relevant to the mission of this blog? I'm seeing more and more irrelevant junk posted on here.

Kathy Bergin

Good God, Joe. It's a blog for cryin' out loud. Scroll over the funny parts, read something else, go back to writing a law review, outlining the deposition, or whatever it is that makes you happy.

But life is short and humor is good for the soul.

Take a second to laugh every now and again.

Kathy Stanchi

Kathy, I did not believe that you were crying, until I followed the link. Now I'm crying too. Made my day. I'm going to work on my merit raise memo, which is always a downer, and then read it again this afternoon. Thanks. I gotta get me some Mrs. Dash!

Bam Bam

You've gotta follow this, if you're a fan:

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