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August 12, 2009


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On the Market


Scott Boone

In the spirit of "The Price is Right," I guess 944.

Tim Zinnecker

Scott, now that's just WICKED! I hope visions of Bob Barker and Johnny Olson haunt you tonight.

Jacqueline Lipton

I say 1051. Is there a prize for the closest guess? Free dinner in DC on Tim's faculty budget??

Tim Zinnecker

I asked other members of my committee to venture a guess. So far, the low is 750 and the high is 1014.

Jacqui, why MY budget? If this is a contest, isn't "the lounge" the official sponsor?

Tracy McGaugh

I have to go with 1101. I'm optimistic (or is a flooded job market "pessimistic"? Hard to know!). Good luck to everyone on their faculty's appointments committee (Tim, haven't they let you off that thing yet?!).

Jacqui L.

OK - so, Dan and Al, will you be springing for dinner in DC for the winner of this thing? Actually, how many Loungers will be in DC? It would be interesting to know.

Jeff Yates

I'm going to go with 1200 - it's the economy :-)

Does anyone have an estimate of how many jobs are out there? It would be interesting to know the "acceptance rate" i.e. what percent of people who apply get a job.

Meat Marketeer

Ok, I just got my number and its . . . between 500 and 600 (can't be too specific here). I'm guessing it's a bit higher than that though. So far all of the above can still be winners. Anyone have the final answer? Inquiring minds want to know!

Jacqueline Lipton

I also have a feeling that there will be less attrition in terms of people dropping out of interviews originally scheduled, in order to take up offers of interview slots at higher ranked schools. We usually count on up to 2/3 attrition between initial offer and the actual conference, but I bet there's less than that this year.

Scott Boone

I'm getting reports (OK, report singular) that the number is 637. If this were the Price is Right, we'd all have overbid!

Very interesting. My initial speculation would be that the faculty hiring process in general and the AALS process in specific are better kept secrets than we might think.


Anyone out there know the numbers for this year's (2010) first distribution? Any idea how long after the first distribution schools generally start setting up interviews? Where are all the posts about this year's process so that I can start my pointless obsessing over things outside my control?

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