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August 03, 2009


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Because I just finished the Texas bar (and only because of that)...In writing, signed by the obligor, unconditional promise or order to pay, a fixed amount of money, payable on demand or at a fixed time, no other undertaking or instruction, and words of negotiability.

Kim Krawiec

So if I ever decide to chuck this academic thing and follow my dreams of being a hip hop artist, I already have a stage name "Two Strikes"? If Fergie can do it I can do it (despite the fact that I don't look or sound or dance like her). And I guess that really counts as pop not hip hop anyway, but whatever . . .

Kim Krawiec

Realized after re-reading that I put "two strikes" rather than "two strikeouts," but then decided "two strikes" is the much better stage name anyway.

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