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July 27, 2009


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Roger Dennis

Kim--great post, two confounding data points on Contador's climb..there was a tailwind .which reduces the watts needed to climb pretty significantly..also the climb was shorter than the true monsters of the took only about 22 minutes versus the 35 minutes or more to climb the classic hc climbs in the tour...your commentator has done similar climbs in south africa and the rockies, torture at half the watts of our tour heros...and no epo for me!!!

Kim Krawiec

Roger -- I'm duly impressed (and would continue to be even if you laid claim to EPO enhancement). :-)
Science of Sport does discuss the effect of wind, climb length, and other factors on their analysis. My recollection is that they acknowledge the inability to control for wind effects, but dismiss the difference in climb length as unlikely to be significant. Apparently (according to their calculations), the impact of climb length on output is frequently overestimated (and understandably -- it sure *feels* harder).

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